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Q- Do you install gate operators?

A- Yes! We do Residential and Commercial operators. The residential operators we use are low voltage and have a battery backup. For most residential applications under 14' wide it is usually better and more cost effective to use a single gate. Swing gates are also more trouble free, cost less, and use far less moving parts than their sliding equivalent. Gate operators come equipped with garage door style remotes and can be fitted with any number of remotes and/or keypads, card entry, push buttons and exit devices.

Q- What kind of fence am I required to have around my pool? 

A- To preface the answer, our company can give general information from what we have encountered over the years. It is up to the consumer to make sure that the fence you choose meets the local code in the area. Generally, this will include minimum height of fence and whether the gate need to be self closing, self latching and have the ability to lock. Here are some links that may help you to locate the pool codes in your area. 

Fulton County Residents

Cobb County Residents

Dekalb County Residents

Paulding County Residents

Q- Should I use pressure treated pine or cedar for my new fence? 

A- Pressure treated pine is chemically treated to provide resistance to insect damage and water damage. Pine has a tendency to split, twist and bow more so than cedar. Cedar is the more attractive of the two products and will look better for a longer period of time. Cedar is the overwhelming choice when it comes down to what really looks best. 

Q- How long is the warranty on my new fence?

A- We offer a one year limited warranty on workmanship and labor. Warranty on materials will vary depending on the product you choose. 

Q- Do wood fences need sealing?

A- To preserve the look and prolong the life of your new fence, you should stain, seal or paint your fence 4-6 weeks after installation. 

Q- Do I need a survey?

A-  Surveys can be expensive! Majority of the time, we can install your fence based on the location of the property pins and matching them up with the property plat you received at closing. 

Q- How much fence do I need? 

A- Every need is different, so we offer FREE estimates to help you decide what is best for you.